buy Weeping Angel Cameo Ring

Weeping Angel Cameo Ring

Now Doctor Who fans can have this really special looking Weeping Angel Cameo Ring.

This ring is made from stainless steel and is available in a bunch of ring sizes so that it has the perfect fit.

The Weeping Angel ring is officially licensed and has a look you expect from a cameo style rings with a classic look.

As a Doctor Who fan you deserve something special and this ring is special and will of course keep reminding you not to blink every time you look at the ring you will realize that you should watch so that you don’t blink.

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buy Tardis Ring That Spins

Tardis Ring That Spins

Now Doctor Who fans can get this fun Tardis Ring That Spins.

This stainless steel Doctor Who ring has the Tardis engraved in it many times and colored in Tardis blue so that it clearly is a Doctor Who ring.

And this Doctor Who ring is different as it is a spinner ring and that means that the outside will turn and that makes this ring almost like a fidget spinner.

Now you can have something todo when you are in a boring meeting or waiting for the buss because spinning this ring will be fun especially as it will make you feel closer to the Doctor.

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buy Tardis Engagement Ring

Tardis Engagement Ring

Now your ask the Doctor Who fan in your life to marry you all thanks to this Tardis Engagement Ring.

This Doctor Who ring is made from 925 sterling silver and the ring has the famous police box in the middle with two bands going around merging on the back.

The silver ring has an inlay of many Cubic zirconia gem stones to make this ring really stand out making this a great ring to get yourself of to give for that special occasion.

Wearing this ring shows you love for Doctor Who as it is all about the Tardis on your finger.

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buy Time Lord And Companion Ring Set With Tardis On The Inside

Time Lord And Companion Ring Set With Tardis On The Inside

If you are a couple that loves Doctor Who and would like a cool ring set then you should check out this time lord and companion ring set.

The Doctor Who ring set includes two rings both are open on one end and show the Tardis on the inside and on the outside one ring says “Time Lord” and the other one says “Companion”. The rings come in a wide range of sizes so that you and your companion can have a ring that fits perfectly.

Made from pure 1100 aluminum that is zinc and magnesium free and really looks stunning.

Now you can show all your friends that you and your companion are true Doctor Who fans.

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buy Filigree Style Tardis Ring

Filigree Style Tardis Ring

If you want a special piece of bling then this Tardis ring is what you need to see as it is a piece of art on it’s own.

This Doctor Who ring is in a filigree style witch means lots of special crafted details instead of just a boring band and to top it all off the ring has the Tardis on the top with blue stones to make it have the typical police box color.

And this ring comes in one size fits most as it has an open design it is adjustable in size.

Doctor Who jewelry like this is not something you find often and that will make it stand out on your finger.

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