buy Tardis Convertible Watch

Tardis Convertible Watch

Now there is this amazing Tardis Convertible Watch that is a must have for a true Doctor Who fan.

This watch can be a pocket watch or a wrist watch as you can take the the watch face out and attach the included chain and as a wrist watch it has an amazing blue strap with signs from the doors of the Tardis.

And to make this Doctor Who watch even cooler they put it in a nice wooden box so that you can store it when not wearing it.

A watch like this makes for a really cool present for a Doctor Who fan but is great to buy for yourself too.

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buy Galaxy The Doctor And The Tardis Face Mask

Galaxy The Doctor And The Tardis Face Mask

Now you can get this Galaxy The Doctor And The Tardis Face Mask and protect yourself and others.

This Doctor Who face mask is available in many sizes so that you child (3+), teen and adults can all get one that just fits perfectly.

On the face mask you can see the galaxy in the background with a rock and a planet and the Tardis is flying around too and the 13th Doctor is on it to so that it is a perfect face mask for a true Doctor Who fan.

Pandemic times are not great but if you are a Doctor Who fan then you can at least get a really nice mask to wear.

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buy Everything Doctor Who Face Mask

Everything Doctor Who Face Mask

Now you can get this fun Everything Doctor Who Face Mask.

If you are a true Doctor Who fan that wants face mask that looks a lot better than this plain blue masks most people use then this cloth mask is what you want.

This adult size mask is white and on it in dark blue you can find lots of Doctor Who details. Tardis, Dalek, Cyberman, Sonic Screwdriver and lots more and there is text on it to that says things like Geronimo and Alonsy and we all know what that is all about.

And this face mask is great at protecting you and can be washed after use so that it is always ready to use again.

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buy Tardis Metal License Plate

Tardis Metal License Plate

Now there is this Tardis Metal License Plate that is what a Doctor Who fan want on their car.

This is just like a true license plate only this one is Tardis blue and it spells Tardis in embossed letters like on a license plate and then on around it you can read “Public Call Police Box” just like on the real Tardis.

Sure if you want to drive your car then it need a valid license plate but in some place like where I live you only need on of the back of your car and that means I can put this on the front of my car.

But as it is a cool metal Doctor Who item you can hang it on your wall too.

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buy Top Of The Tardis Face Mask

Top Of The Tardis Face Mask

Doctor Who fans can now get this Top Of The Tardis Face Mask.

This cloth face mask is a great way to protect yourself and others from the bad stuff flying around as virus, dust, and pollution.

The face mask is black has the Tardis on it or at least the top of it including the light on top and a part of the windows. And the sign does not show the Public Call box sign but instead just says “Doctor Who”.

And like any good face mask this one is washable too so that you can always have it clean and ready for when you leave the house.

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buy A Crystal Tardis With The 1st Doctor Inside It

A Crystal Tardis With The 1st Doctor Inside It

Now you can have this A Crystal Tardis With The 1st Doctor Inside It that is a piece a true Doctor Who collector just needs to have.

We all know that it all started with the 1st Doctor and this amazing figure shows him standing inside the Tardis.

The Tardis is crystal with the design on it and inside the crystal the doctor is standing in his typical pose.

And the crystal Tardis stands on a base with the Doctor Who logo on it and LED light build in so that it even looks better in the dark.

The special Doctor Who figure comes in a collectors box to make something you want to have in your Doctor Who collection.

Get your A Crystal Tardis With The 1st Doctor Inside It

buy Women’s Tardis Raglan

Women’s Tardis Raglan

Now there is this Women’s Tardis Raglan that is just perfect for a true Doctor Who fan.

This Doctor Who shirt is available in many sizes and is made from a cotton polyester blend to make it really comfy to wear.

The shirt has a white body with dark blue 3/4 sleeves and then on the front of the raglan it shows a bunch of colored stripes with next to it the Tardis.

A fun Doctor Who shirt like this is great to wear and goes so well with so many pieces in your wardrobe like some jeans, leggings, short, or a skirt.

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buy Cartoon Style Doctor Who Shower Curtain

Cartoon Style Doctor Who Shower Curtain

Doctor Who fans that need a shower can now get this Cartoon Style Doctor Who Shower Curtain and make taking a shower more fun.

This Doctor Who shower curtain is dark blue in color and on it in a cartoon style you can see the 4th Doctor with behind it the Tardis and even K-9 is there.

And this fun Doctor Who shower curtain is 72 x 72 inches and even comes with shower hooks so you are all set to transform a bathroom in your home into the Doctor Who room.

Seeing the Police Box and the robot dog all in cartoon style is great but seeing the 4th Doctor is just to funny as he looks so different but still clearly the Doctor.

Get your Cartoon Style Doctor Who Shower Curtain

buy Scooby-Who T-Shirt

Scooby-Who T-Shirt

Now there is this funny Scooby-Who T-Shirt that is great for fans of Scooby-Doo and Doctor Who.

You can get this Doctor Who t-shirt in styles for men, women, and kids and it comes in lots of colors and in sizes from kids 6 months and older going all the way to adults 10XL.

On this t-shirt you can find the Tardis but it has some green on it and even some flowers making me think of the van Scooby-Doo and his friends use and then there is Shaggy and he seems to be dressed like the 10th Doctor and next to Doctor Who you can find K-9 the famous robot dog only this time it is also Scooby-Doo.

This is just a really cute t-shirt for anyone that like Doctor Who and Scooby-Doo.

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buy Tardis Ring That Spins

Tardis Ring That Spins

Now Doctor Who fans can get this fun Tardis Ring That Spins.

This stainless steel Doctor Who ring has the Tardis engraved in it many times and colored in Tardis blue so that it clearly is a Doctor Who ring.

And this Doctor Who ring is different as it is a spinner ring and that means that the outside will turn and that makes this ring almost like a fidget spinner.

Now you can have something todo when you are in a boring meeting or waiting for the buss because spinning this ring will be fun especially as it will make you feel closer to the Doctor.

Get your Tardis Ring That Spins