buy 13th Doctor Striped Notebook

13th Doctor Striped Notebook

Doctor Who fans can start writing in this 13th Doctor Striped Notebook.

This notebook is made for your to write the future in because on this notebook it says “the future is not written” so it is yours to write it.

Beside this text the cover shows colored lined just like on the shirt of the 13th Doctor and it also has a small Doctor Who logo.

The Doctor Who notebook is 5.25 x 8.25 inches and inside it you can see lines but they are not solid so that you can do other things with it too and there is a bookmark ribbon so that you can keep track of where you are in the notebook.

Besides looking cool on the outside there are also Doctor Who details on the inside and the same fun colors can be found there too.

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buy Doctor Who Pencil Set

Doctor Who Pencil Set

Now there is this Doctor Who Pencil Set for all the fans that need a pencil.

This is a set of 5 different pencils that come in two colors white and blue and each pencil has a different Doctor Who text on it that will bring back so many memories.

You can get things like “Don’t Blink” or “I am the Doctor” and some others.

Now going to the office or school will be so much better all thanks to your new Doctor Who pencils that even have an eraser on the top so that you can erase your mistakes or maybe some secrets.

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buy Tardis Large Mousepad

Tardis Large Mousepad

Doctor Who fans can now have this Tardis Large Mousepad.

Sure you can have a mousepad that is just like 5 times the size of your mouse but if you like you desk to look amazing and with lots of space for your mouse then this large Doctor Who mousepad is what you want.

This mousepad shows a foggy space and from those clouds you can see the Tardis show up.

And you can get this giant mousepad in different sizes and it has a non slip back so that it stays in place while using your desk.

People are going to love seeing this on your desk so come get one of these mousepads.

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buy Painted Tardis Notebook

Painted Tardis Notebook

Now you as a true Doctor Who fan can have a cool painted Tardis notebook.

The Doctor Who notebook is great for school, work, and at home.

The Tardis notebook is available in a blank and a lined version and it is 6 x 8 inches making it a nice size and as it has the art work on both the front and the back.

Now anyone that know that a blue police box is what the Doctor uses for traveling through time and space will like you notebook as it look socks cool.

And sure the Tardis on the notebook is not a picture but more a piece of art, it also means that it is way more unique and special.

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buy Doctor Who 2018 Planner

Doctor Who 2018 Planner

Sure you can use your phone as you calendar but this Doctor Who 2018 planner is way more amazing.

The 2018 planner is based on Doctor Who series 10 including the Christmas special and that does mean that Bill Potts and the 12th Doctor are here to keep you entertained in 2018 while making it easy to write down you homework and office shedules.

The Doctor Who 2018 diary is 7 x 9 inches and is spiral bound and all that makes this a planner you always wanted specially if you are a big fan of Doctor Who.

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buy Tardis And 10th Doctor In The Fog On A Mousepad

Tardis And 10th Doctor In The Fog On A Mousepad

Now your desk can have a special Doctor Who mousepad.

This mousepad shows a black and white image of fog and the 10th Doctor Who and there is also a blue Tardis in the middle and the Doctor really wants to get in.

The Doctor Who mousepad is 9 x 7 inches and has a no slip back so that it stays nicely on your desk even if you are really using you mouse on it when gaming or working.

And if you don’t have a mouse anymore then why not just have it to decorate that boring piece of wood you call your desk.

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buy Doctor Who 2017 Week Planner

Doctor Who 2017 Week Planner

This 2017 Doctor Who week planner is great for every fan that likes to use paper besides their smartphone to write appointments in.

This planner shows the Tardis, Clara and the Doctor on the front and that is just the front. Inside the planner, you will find many photo’s and info from the 8th series of Doctor Who. Clara Oswald and the 12th Doctor are there of course but you may be surprised to even find Missy there.

Inside there is also lots of room to write you appointments and stuff and it does have international holidays in there to so that you know when you have a day off.

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buy Tardis Doors Binder

Tardis Doors Binder

Now there is a Tardis binder specially for Doctor Who fans like you.

This binder is Tardis blue and shows the big windows of the Tardis on both the front and back and on top of that you find the “Police Public Call Box” sign that covers both the front and the back.

This Doctor Who binder is made by Avery and comes in different thicknesses so that you can get the right size binder for your needs.

No more plain binders for you because a Doctor Who binder is what you need.

A  Tardis binder like this is great for the office or school and can be used at home to of course.

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buy Tardis In Space Spiral Notebook

Tardis In Space Spiral Notebook

This Doctor Who spiral notebook is all about the Tardis while hanging in space.

On the front of this notebook you find space and lots of it and in that space you can find the Tardis just hanging there but also not hanging there as it looks like the famous blue police box seems to be disappearing.

A notebook like this is great for school, work and at home and inside you find 120 pages to write on. You can get this notebook with ruled or graph paper so that you get exactly what you need and want.

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buy Blue Tardis Bookends

Blue Tardis Bookends

Now there is a Tardis like pair of bookends that are great for keeping up your books and dvd’s.

No this is not the real Tardis but the bookends look like the blue phone box from Doctor Who.

The bookends have a special foam bottom so that they don’t scratch you bookshelf while moving them around.

No need to get boring plain bookends because you can have some that makes you think about the Doctor and his Tardis.

Bookends like this are great to keep up school books or for using in the office. Just find some books and the bookends will keep them up.

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