buy Cyberman Model Kit

Cyberman Model Kit

Now you can build your own Cyberman and that could be cool for all Doctor Who fans.

This Cyberman model kit will make it possible to build you own Cyberman bust.

Included in the kit is the metal and the instructions but you may need some tools to connect the pieces.

You can spend hours just thinking about deleting things because you will be building your own Cyberman to be part of your Cybermen army.

So just build your own Doctor Who figure and display it as part of your Doctor Who collection.

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buy Metal 3D Tardis Model

Metal 3D Tardis Model

If you always wanted to build a Tardis just like the one Doctor Who has then now you can only this one is a little bit smaller.

The Tardis model is made from blue metal with a lot of details, it has door, and top signs and even the doors work.

The model Tardis is rated ages 14 and up and it may keep you busy for a while but after that, you will have an amazing looking Tardis just for you to enjoy.

I am sure that the Doctor himself would enjoy building this model so if you want to be a bit like him then start building your own 3D Tardis.

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