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Cyberman Key Rack

Keys need a place to live and this Cyberman key rack could be the best place specially if you are a Doctor Who fan.

This key rack is black and made from strong ABS plastic and has a bar with 5 hanging hooks and above that the face of a Cyberman.

Just imagine having this Cyberman next to your front door, it could be seen a scary but it is useful.

Besides for keys you can use this rack for other things as well like jewelry or maybe as a towel rack.

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Keys To The Tardis Key Rack

Now there is a Doctor Who key rack that spells out “Keys to the Tardis” and that is of course great for hanging your keys.

The Tardis key rack is made from strong ABS plastic and is 6 x 3 inch and has 5 hooks.

You could hang this rack next to the front door with all your keys on it or use it in the bedroom to hang jewelry on it and that makes this a versatile tool for a true Doctor Who fan like you.

The blue rack is just fun to own and something you won’t often see.

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