buy Tardis Headband With Bow

Tardis Headband With Bow

Now your hair will tell everyone around you that you like Doctor Who and his Tardis because this is a Tardis headband with bow.

The headband is black and that seems to be the galaxy and on that you can see the Tardis just flying around. And as the galaxy is so big you will see many images of the Tardis. And as it has a bow on it you will be reminded about the 11th Doctor all the time.

The headband has an elastic part so that it can stay neatly in place while you are doing your busy life.

A Doctor Who headband like this is also fun as part of you Doctor Who Halloween or cosplay outfit.

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buy Floral Tardis Headband With Bow

Floral Tardis Headband With Bow

If you are a Doctor Who fans that uses headbands then you should check out this Tardis headband with bow.

The Doctor Who headband is black with on it the Tardis and light purple flowers and both come back many times on the headband and bow.

Now you can have you hair just the way your like it all thanks this fun hairband that also ads that bow to your hair and that is fun too.

So if you want you hair just perfect then a Doctor Who hairband is what you need and if you are a fan of the 11th Doctor then the bow brings back memories of his bowties.

Get your Floral Tardis Headband With Bow