buy Santa Hats Are Cool Christmas Card

Santa Hats Are Cool Christmas Card

Doctor Who fans can now be sending out this Santa Hats Are Cool Christmas Card.

This Doctor Who Christmas card comes in some different sizes and comes with an envelope.

On the card, you can see an image of the 11th Doctor and he is wearing the red Santa hat. Besides the Doctor, it says “I’m the Doctor I wear Santa hat now Santa hats are cool Merry Christmas!”

It is a fun card that everyone that likes Doctor Who would love to get in the mail this holiday season.

Start getting ready for the holidays by ordering your Christmas cards today!

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buy Doctor Who 3D Greeting Card

Doctor Who 3D Greeting Card

If you are looking for a Doctor Who greeting card then look no further as this is the card you want.

This card is specially made for you and fold open making it like a 3D card with in the middle the Tardis and on four sides you find characters from the show. There is of course the Doctor and his companion and there is a Dalek and Cyberman to and under the 4 character it has a message that you can choose.

You can choose from Happy Birthday!, Merry Christmas!, Happy Holidays!, Nadolaig Llawen! or Penblwydd Hapus! and if those message not work for you then you can choose a custom text as well (at a surcharge).

You know that you can’t find this card in a store near you and that makes this the perfect present for a Doctor Who fan who has it all.

And yes this Doctor Who greeting card comes with a white envelope so that you can send it out to.

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