buy 7th Doctor And The Tardis T-Shirt

7th Doctor And The Tardis T-Shirt

On this Doctor Who t-shirt you can find the 7th Doctor and the Tardis and that makes this a great shirt for the true fans that even like the old episodes.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is available in many fun colors and all have a big circle on it with in the middle of the circle the Tardis in Union Jack colors and in front of the Tardis you find the 7th Doctor while wearing his famous question mark sweater and holding umbrella.

On the edge of the circle it says “T.A.R.D.I.S” on top and on the lower edge it says “Time And Relative Dimension In Space” and that is what Tardis stands for.

You can get this 7th Doctor’s t-shirt in men and women’s styles in sizes ranging from Small – 6XL and all those shirts are made of 100% cotton.

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buy 5th Doctor Costume T-Shirt

5th Doctor Costume T-Shirt

Now you can feel a bit more like Doctor Who as this is a 5th Doctor costume t-shirt and that makes you look like the 5th regeneration of the Doctor.

This unisex t-shirt is has black or white sleeves or back and on the front it is covered in what you expect from the Doctor’s costume from his jacket, sweater and shirt with question marks it is all there for you to enjoy.

And this Doctor Who costume t-shirt comes in sizes XSmall – 2XL and it will look great on both men and women that like to do cosplay or dress up for Halloween or just want to be the Doctor any other day of the year.

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buy 12th Doctor With Sonic Sunglasses Mug

12th Doctor With Sonic Sunglasses Mug

This 12th Doctor With Sonic Sunglasses Mug shows a wrap around image of the Doctor.

If you are up to date at what happened to the 12th doctor then you know that for a while he used sunglasses that had the same kind of powers as his normal Sonic Screwdriver and an image of the Doctor wearing those glasses can be found on this mug.

And yes the mug has a handle but if we showed you that then you would not have seen the face of the Doctor as it takes up most of the mug.

This Doctor Who mug is made from ceramic and can hold up to 11oz of your favorite drink. This dishwasher safe mug could quickly become the mug for morning coffee and afternoon tea at home or at the office.

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buy 9th Doctor Throw Pillow

9th Doctor Throw Pillow

This 9th Doctor Throw Pillow shows a special artsy portrait of Doctor Who and it just looks perfect specially if the 9th Doctor is your favorite.

The throw pillow shows both on the front and the back the same image with vortexes in space in the background with on top of that the head of the 9th Doctor while staring away.

You can get this Doctor Who pillow in many sizes and even just as a pillow case if you would prefer that but either way you will get a great quality Doctor Who pillow that is perfect for the bed, couch, car or maybe even the plane.

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buy I Heart Heart The Doctor Socks

I Heart Heart The Doctor Socks

If you like warm feet then these I Heart Heart The Doctor socks could be just what you need.

Wonder why the socks have two hearts? I wonder are you a true fan because you should know that Doctor Who has two hearts and that means double the love of course.

Besides saying “I Heart Heart The Doctor” the socks also says “Time Lord” on the bottom in a non slip material so that you can enjoy wearing these socks inside without have to worry about slipping.

Made to fit women’s sizes 4 – 10 these Doctor Who socks are just one of these things you need and these are fuzzy kinda socks making them extra soft and really cozy.

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buy 10th Doctor Who Mug

10th Doctor Who Mug

This 10th Doctor Who mug is specially made for all the fans of David Tennant and could quickly become you favorite coffee mug.

This white ceramic mug shows on both sides the same image and that image is a piece of art with a night sky with the Tardis flying in it and in front of that a big black and white drawing of the 10th Doctor. Besides all that it also shows the Doctor Who logo and the words “Doctor Who” in blue witch makes this a great mug for all you drinks.

The Doctor Who mug is 11oz and is dishwasher safe and just amazing looking.

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buy Wanted The Doctor iPhone SE Case

Wanted The Doctor iPhone SE Case

This wanted the Doctor phone case will protect your iPhone while making it looks like a true phone for a Doctor Who fan.

This hard case will fit the iPhone SE, 5s and iPhone 5 and makes it looks like it’s part of a the wild west with a wanted poster that shows the 11th Doctor and a reward for 50.000 dollars.

No longer do you need to worry about damaging your iPhone because with this case you know that the Doctor is watching over you and he of course would make sure your phone is perfectly protected while looking extra cool.

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buy Women’s I Heart The Doctor Socks

Women’s I Heart The Doctor Socks

If you are looking for some thigh high socks then these I heart the Doctor socks is what you should look at.

These blue women’s socks are perfect for a true Doctor Who fan as it says on the side “I heart The Doctor” and yes the heart is a red heart with the Tardis inside. And beside this one red heart the socks are covered in smaller white hearts that make these socks look really fun under a skirt, dress or shorts.

These Doctor Who socks will fit women’s shoe size 4 – 10 and of course will keep besides you feet also you legs warm.

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buy Doctor Who 3D Greeting Card

Doctor Who 3D Greeting Card

If you are looking for a Doctor Who greeting card then look no further as this is the card you want.

This card is specially made for you and fold open making it like a 3D card with in the middle the Tardis and on four sides you find characters from the show. There is of course the Doctor and his companion and there is a Dalek and Cyberman to and under the 4 character it has a message that you can choose.

You can choose from Happy Birthday!, Merry Christmas!, Happy Holidays!, Nadolaig Llawen! or Penblwydd Hapus! and if those message not work for you then you can choose a custom text as well (at a surcharge).

You know that you can’t find this card in a store near you and that makes this the perfect present for a Doctor Who fan who has it all.

And yes this Doctor Who greeting card comes with a white envelope so that you can send it out to.

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buy 1st Doctor Figural Bust Mug

1st Doctor Figural Bust Mug

If you want coffee with the real Doctor Who that started it all then now you can as this Doctor Who mug looks just like the 1st Doctor.

This is a bust mug that shows the head of the Doctor and it will be like drinking his brain.

At 4 1/2 inch high this mug is great for coffee, tea, hot chocolate and anything else you like to drink.

And even if you don’t like to drink out of the Doctor’s head then this mug will still be amazing to have just on display as it do look like you have the Doctor close.

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