buy Exterminate A Doctor Who Quiz Book

Exterminate A Doctor Who Quiz Book

Now you can test your Doctor Who knowledge all thanks to this Exterminate A Doctor Who Quiz Book.

The Doctor Who book is great fun as you can play with friends to see how much you know about Doctor Who and everything around it.

In the book you can find 25 quizzes and each has 15 question and that is the perfect amount for a quick game before you start watching the Doctor on TV.

You can get this book as a paper copy or as an ebook so that you can have it in the format you like best.

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buy Dalek Dice Board Game

Dalek Dice Board Game

If you like something to do when it is a rainy day then there is the Dalek dice board game.

The Doctor Who game has a Dalek dice cup and 10 special Doctor Who dice and that means that after you open it you are ready to play.

You will need at least 2 Doctor Who fans to play and then you are set and do something else then staring at your phone or watching Doctor Who on TV.

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