buy Loungefly Tardis Backpack

Loungefly Tardis Backpack

Doctor Who fans can now get this fun Loungefly Tardis Backpack.

If you are in need of a cute mini backpack that is just perfect for Doctor Who fans then you should check out this backpack.

The backpack is Tardis blue and is made from a fake leather which really looks cool without hurting animals and there are darker patches on the bottom that look like the panels on the door of the Tardis and above it you can see the windows and on top of that the famous sign that says “Police Public Call Box”.

This Tardis backpack is 11 x 9 x 4.5 which is a great size for thinks you need on the go like your phone, wallet, and many other things.

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buy Tardis Fun Pocket Backpack

Tardis Fun Pocket Backpack

Doctor Who fans can now have this amazing Tardis Fun Pocket Backpack.

This backpack looks a lot like the Tardis as it is the same kind of blue and the pockets look like the print of the Tardis too complete with the door sign.

There are other fun details like colored stripes and even a Tardis as a zipper pull.

The Doctor Who backpack is 18 x 11 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch and has a laptop pocket inside it too and slide side pockets and of course the big long pockets on the back.

School, work, or other adventures this Doctor Who backpack is what you need!

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buy The Dalek Backpack

The Dalek Backpack

Now a Doctor Who fan can have the perfect bag for everyday because now there is the Dalek backpack.

The Doctor Who backpack is black with on it 4 different colored Dalek and that makes this the perfect bag for a day of exterminating.

The Dalek backpack has two pockets one main big compartment and a small front pocket so that it can hold all your goods you need for your next adventure.

Sure this bag is great for back to school but works great for a day in the office or a hike in the woods too.

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buy Tardis Lunch Bag

Tardis Lunch Bag

If you need a lunch box for your school or work lunch then you should check out this Tardis lunch bag.

The lunch bag is amazing looking as it is Tardis blue with on it the signs and windows that you will find on the front of the Tardis doors. And this Doctor Who lunch box has a black handle on the top and comes with a removable carry strap so that you can take it to the lunch room without using your hands.

And this Doctor Who lunch bag is insulated to keep food warm or cold for hours and has antimicrobial and is mold resistant to make it just perfect for lunch.

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buy Painted Tardis Notebook

Painted Tardis Notebook

Now you as a true Doctor Who fan can have a cool painted Tardis notebook.

The Doctor Who notebook is great for school, work, and at home.

The Tardis notebook is available in a blank and a lined version and it is 6 x 8 inches making it a nice size and as it has the art work on both the front and the back.

Now anyone that know that a blue police box is what the Doctor uses for traveling through time and space will like you notebook as it look socks cool.

And sure the Tardis on the notebook is not a picture but more a piece of art, it also means that it is way more unique and special.

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buy Patchwork Doctor Who Backpack

Patchwork Doctor Who Backpack

Now there is a fun patchwork Doctor Who backpack.

The backpack is mainly blue but it has all kind of squares on it in different colors giving it a fun patchwork effect and in all those squares you can see many Doctor Who details like the Tardis, K-9, and much more. And you will find the same design on the adjustable strap so that you can even see it when you are wearing the fun Doctor Who backpack.

The patchwork backpack is 12 x 17 making it just the perfect size for school, work, and your own adventures.

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buy Doctor Who 2018 Planner

Doctor Who 2018 Planner

Sure you can use your phone as you calendar but this Doctor Who 2018 planner is way more amazing.

The 2018 planner is based on Doctor Who series 10 including the Christmas special and that does mean that Bill Potts and the 12th Doctor are here to keep you entertained in 2018 while making it easy to write down you homework and office shedules.

The Doctor Who 2018 diary is 7 x 9 inches and is spiral bound and all that makes this a planner you always wanted specially if you are a big fan of Doctor Who.

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buy Weeping Angel Backpack

Weeping Angel Backpack

If you want an angel on your side then you should check out this Doctor Who Weeping Angel backpack.

The Doctor Who backpack is 17.75 x 12.25 x 5.75 and even has a laptop pocket inside it that can hold up to a 15″ laptop.

The outside of the backpack has a cool black and white image of a Weeping Angel and it is covering its eyes.

It is an amazing Doctor Who backpack but it also means that blinking is not an option anymore when you use this amazing looking Weeping Angel backpack.

An amazing backpack like this is great for school, work, and all your other adventures.

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buy Metal Tardis Lunch Box

Metal Tardis Lunch Box

This metal Tardis lunch box is made for Doctor Who fans that are hungry and want to bring food from home.

The lunch box is taller than most with a nice black handle on top that folds down.  As you can see the Doctor Who lunch box is Tardis blue with the doors on the front and the Doctor Who logo on the side with gears in the background making it look really cool.

Besides for lunch, this box is great to store other items too. Maybe it can hold your collection of tiny Doctor Who stuff you own so that you won’t lose it.

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buy Bill Potts And The 12th Doctor Backpack

Bill Potts And The 12th Doctor Backpack

The 12th Doctor got a new companion in series 10 of Doctor Who and you can find her together with the Doctor on this backpack.

The drawstring backpack shows the Doctor with Bill Potts beside him and that makes it perfect to show the world the new companion played by Pearl Mackie.

And this Doctor Who backpack is a drawstring bag making it super easy to fold flat when not in use and ready to carry your stuff.

Shopping, school, work, and the gym are all perfect for this bag and you can think of more instances that you wish you had an easy to use backpack ready.

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