buy Silhouette Of The Tardis And The 4th Doctor

Silhouette Of The Tardis And The 4th Doctor

Now there is this Silhouette Of The Tardis And The 4th Doctor that is a perfect shirt for Doctor Who.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes in men’s sizes Small – 3XL.

On the black t-shirt you can find the Tardis in the background and it is not straight as if it is hovering around and then in front of the Tardis you can see a silhouette of the 4th Doctor Who with his famous colorful scarf.

A Doctor Who t-shirt like this shows that you are not just keeping track of the latest Doctor but also likes the classic Doctor.

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buy Cybermen And The 4th Doctor T-Shirt

Cybermen And The 4th Doctor T-Shirt

Now there is this classic looking Cybermen And The 4th Doctor T-Shirt.

A Doctor Who fan that is looking for a cool and classic design can now enjoy this t-shirt and this Doctor Who t-shirt is available in men’s sizes Small – 2XL and it is made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

On this t-shirt, you can find some purple circles and in front of that you can find a picture of the 4th Doctor and his long scarf and then right behind him you can find a Cyberman ready to delete the Doctor.

It is a really fun Doctor Who t-shirt that is not about the newest doctor but all about the classic Doctor we all know.

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buy Fourth Doctor PEZ Dispenser

Fourth Doctor PEZ Dispenser

Now you can get a Fourth Doctor PEZ Dispenser that will be perfect to carry around with you.

If you like Doctor Who and candy then you just have to check out this PEZ dispenser as it is amazing looking. The base of the dispenser is brown with on top the head of the 4th Doctor and he is wearing his green hat.

So now you just move his head back and the Doctor will give you a candy.

In the display box you will find a Doctor Who PEZ dispenser and a package of candy.

So now you just put this dispenser in you bag and you are ready to go as you now can have a candy ready when ever you want one.

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buy 4th Doctor Who Ornament

4th Doctor Who Ornament

Christmas can be amazing all thanks to this 4th Doctor Who ornament.

The Christmas tree ornament of th 4th Doctor is great for in the tree or as Christmas decoration around the house but as he is not really dressed up for the holiday you can also use it as decoration the rest of the year.

The figure of the 4th Doctor Who shows him all dressed up with his Sonic Screwdriver in his hand and his long scarf around his neck.

The Doctor Who ornament is about 5 inches tall and will look great in your home or in the home of a Doctor Who fan that deserves a nice present for Christmas.

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buy 4th Doctor Pajama Pants

4th Doctor Pajama Pants

Now you can lounge and sleep in style by wearing these 4th Doctor pajama pants.

These cool lounge pants look like the scarf the Doctor would wear so now he does not need a scarf anymore because he and you can just wear these fun pants.

The 100% cotton Doctor Who pajama pants come in sizes  Small – XL and would work just perfect for both men and women.

Now any Doctor Who fan and just be comfy in the evening while rewatching Doctor Who episodes or wears them to bed so that dreaming about the Doctor’s adventures becomes so much easier.

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buy 4th Doctor Funko Playmobil Action Figure

4th Doctor Funko Playmobil Action Figure

Now you can have a Playmobil action figure that looks like the 4th Doctor Who and that makes it highly collectible and cool.

The figurine looks just like the typical Playmobil figures we all played with when we were young and now you and the kids can play with this Doctor Who Playmobil figure.

The Doctor Who action figure is 6 inches tall and that makes him bigger than normal Playmobil characters and he does look like the 4th Doctor complete with scarf, hood, and Sonic Screwdriver.

The Doctor Who figure is rated ages 5+ so you can play with it like a toy or have it as a display piece that is part of you Doctor Who collection.

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buy Doctor Who Costume Socks From 5 Doctors

Doctor Who Costume Socks From 5 Doctors

If you like Doctor Who and need socks then you are in luck as this is 5 pairs of Doctor Who socks.

These women’s socks are no show socks so only when you take your shoes off people will know that you are wearing Doctor Who socks.

The socks look like outfits that you favorite Doctor’s would wear and there are socks based on the following Doctor’s 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12.

Made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex these socks are not only cute but also comfortable.

Now you can find a pair of socks that fit your mood and with the Doctor on your feet, your day only can get better.

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buy The 4th Doctor Portrait T-Shirt

The 4th Doctor Portrait T-Shirt

If you want a Doctor Who t-shirt with the 4th Doctor then this t-shirt is what you want as it shows a great image of Tom Baker on the shirt.

The Doctor Who t-shirt is available in styles for both men and women and it also comes in many colors and sizes so that you can get the shirt you love.

On the t-shirt, you can see the Doctor from the shoulder up and he is wearing his hat and scarf of course and he has an intriguing look on his face which makes you wonder what he is up to.

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buy Tardis Ongoing Storm T-Shirt

Tardis Ongoing Storm T-Shirt

This Tardis t-shirt is really amazing looking and it is available for men, women and kids so the whole family can enjoy wearing this Doctor Who t-shirt.

On the shirt you can see a black circle as it is night and in the circle you can see the Tardis with rain and lightning. And there is something else as it looks like the 4th Doctor closed the doors of the Tardis a bit to soon when he wanted to hide inside as his scarf is stuck in the door.

It’s just a great looking t-shirt that comes in many colors so that you really can get the Doctor Who t-shirt you like in the shirt color you like.

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buy Season 18 Scarf Of The 4th Doctor

Season 18 Scarf Of The 4th Doctor

A Doctor Who fan that know all the Doctors knows about the 4th one and his scarf but did you know he used a different scarf in season 18?

He did and this red and stipe one is the one he used and does not look anything like the classic we all know.

This 100% acrylic scarf can be yours and then you can look a lot more like Doctor Who did in that season.

The 4th Doctor’s scarf is 13 feet long and is great just like that in winter or as part of you cosplay or Halloween costume.

No need to look like everyone else by wearing this classic piece of Doctor Who history.

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