buy 3rd Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

3rd Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Now there is a 3rd Doctor Sonic Screwdriver that all the Doctor Who collectors and fans need.

Most Doctor Who fans know about the Sonic Screwdriver used by the last couple of Doctors but if you are a true fan then you know about the one used by the 3rd Doctor and you can own it.

The Sonic Screwdriver has the perfect details you expect and there are even Sonic Screwdriver sounds build in making it even cooler to own.

You can have this as part of your collection or as part of your cosplay or Halloween costume.

Get your 3rd Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

buy 3rd Doctor Season 4 Blu-ray Set

3rd Doctor Season 4 Blu-ray Set

Now you can get this 3rd Doctor Season 4 Blu-ray Set so that you can have all the Doctor Who episodes of season 4.

Jon Pertwee was the 3rd Doctor and now you can watch all his episodes of season 4. A true Doctor Who fan wants to have seen all the episodes and maybe even own them and now you can get this blu-ray set that has all the episodes of the 4th season.

Now any day you could be watch and rewatch an Doctor Who episode of this season and you can even have a fun Doctor Who party and watch episodes with your friends.

Get your 3rd Doctor Season 4 Blu-ray Set

buy 3rd Doctor Who Head Coffee Mug

3rd Doctor Who Head Coffee Mug

If you are a true Doctor Who fan that like coffee or tea then this 3rd Doctor bust mug is what you need for your favorite drink.

This mug is not the usual straight edged mug, no this mug is a 3d bust of the 3rd Doctor Who and you will be drinking right from his head and that of course will bring you Doctor Who powers.

The mug of Jon Pertwee has amazing details and that may make it a bit freaky at first but also a lot awesome.

Adding this mug to your Doctor Who collection is something that just has to happen and it is part of Doctor Who history.

Get your 3rd Doctor Who Head Coffee Mug