buy All Hail The New Daleks! Wall Poster

All Hail The New Daleks! Wall Poster

A true Doctor Who fan like cool merchandise and this Dalek poster is one of those things you are going to like.

This 2 x 3 feet poster has a blue galaxy background with on that a yellow, white and blue Dalek with below it the Doctor Who logo and above it the text “All Hail The New Daleks!”.

Having something this colorful and cool looking on your wall will make you even more a fan of the Doctor and maybe a little bit more fond about the Daleks.

And besides just a poster you could choose to have it framed so that it even looks more impressive on a wall in your home or office.

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buy Tardis Slouch Backpack

Tardis Slouch Backpack

If you are looking for a fun backpack that is just perfect for a Doctor Who fan like you then this Tardis backpack is perfect.

The slouch backpack is Tardis blue and has two smaller pocket son the front with the door signs on it and above that yo can see the Tardis windows and on the flap to the main compartment it says “Police Public Call Box” just like on the real Tardis.

This Doctor Who backpack is 11 x 11 x 6 inch making it perfect for so many things like school, work, travel and play.

The bag has adjusted straps and even a small zip up pocket inside the main compartment to keep small things safe.

I do not know if it is bigger on the inside but if you get one of these backpack then please let us know if it has as much space as the real Tardis.

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buy White Dalek Beanie Hat

White Dalek Beanie Hat

No need to have a cold head as this Doctor Who winter hat will keep your head warm while making you look a bit more like a Dalek.

This winter hat is white on the top with black on the lower part and yes it is a Dalek beanie hat so it has antenna and the Dalek eye on it to so that it looks really realistic.

Beside being great for winter it is also great as part of your cosplay or Halloween costume.

This Dalek beanie hat is made from 100% acrylic and is one size fits most. Maybe the Doctor should try this hat sometimes instead of a fez.

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buy Daleks Say Relax T-Shirt

Daleks Say Relax T-Shirt

This red Doctor Who t-shirt shows a different size of the Daleks.

If you thought Daleks where up tight and only thought about exterminating then you are wrong because this t-shirt shows the top of a Dalek and the text “Daleks Say Relax”.

Of course you want to be relaxed and happy when you are watching Doctor Who but I would not feel relaxed if I would run into a Dalek on the street.

You can get this relaxing Dalek t-shirt in unisex sizes Small – 2XL and the Doctor Who shirt is made from 100% cotton and is red of course.

Now men and women that like a good Doctor Who villain can wear this relaxing t-shirt where ever they go.

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buy Tardis Shaped Backpack

Tardis Shaped Backpack

If you want a Doctor Who backpack that looks like the Tardis then you found it as this backpack is just like a tiny Tardis.

The backpack does not have the same feature as the real Tardis to make it bigger on the inside but that does not means you can’t carry a lot of stuff in this Tardis backpack.

The backpack is 19 1/2 X 11 X 4 1/2 inch and has a special smaller inside compartment to keep things separated.

A Doctor Who backpack like this is great for your school stuff but even better for just fun stuff like hanging out with friends or going on a trip.

But it does not matter what you want a backpack for this one looks like the Tardis and that makes it perfect for you.

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buy Tardis Console T-Shirt

Tardis Console T-Shirt

This Doctor Who t-shirt is special as the back is just plain white but the front including the sleeves is covered in an image of the inside of the Tardis.

And yes the Tardis is bigger on the inside so you can’t see everything on this shirt but at leas you have an amazing look at the console of the Tardis and that will make every Doctor Who fan drool.

You can get this Doctor Who Tardis t-shirt in unisex sizes Small – 3XL so that many men and women can find the perfect size of their new favorite Doctor Who t-shirt.

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buy Gallifrey Subway Poster

Gallifrey Subway Poster

As Doctor Who is a British TV series that often plays in the United Kingdom this Doctor Who poster is just perfect.

The white poster shows the logo of the London Underground and inside you can see the name of the subway station and in this case it is Gallifrey the home planet of the Doctor.

Of course the London underground should not reach all the way to a different planet but in the world of the Doctor you never know.

You can get this Doctor Who poster in different sizes to fit you needs and if you want it to last then maybe even think of getting the framed version.

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buy Season 18 Scarf Of The 4th Doctor

Season 18 Scarf Of The 4th Doctor

A Doctor Who fan that know all the Doctors knows about the 4th one and his scarf but did you know he used a different scarf in season 18?

He did and this red and stipe one is the one he used and does not look anything like the classic we all know.

This 100% acrylic scarf can be yours and then you can look a lot more like Doctor Who did in that season.

The 4th Doctor’s scarf is 13 feet long and is great just like that in winter or as part of you cosplay or Halloween costume.

No need to look like everyone else by wearing this classic piece of Doctor Who history.

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buy Series 7 11th Doctor Action Figure

Series 7 11th Doctor Action Figure

If you want an action figure of the 11th Doctor then this Doctor Who action figure is perfect.

This 12 inch figurine is at a 1:6 scale and looks like the Doctor did in series 7 and you can make the Doctor look a bit more like you want him to look as he comes with many extra’s like hair piece, neck, fez, glasses, bow tie box, Magnograb Remote, Sonic Screwdriver, wallet with Psychic Paper, wristwatch and more.

And the Doctor has his own stand so that he will be there to impress while standing pretty on a shelve in your home.

This limited edition action figure of Matt Smith as the Doctor is one of those things a true Doctor Who fan want to have.

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buy Bow Ties Are Cool T-Shirt

Bow Ties Are Cool T-Shirt

We all know that the 11th Doctor really liked his bow ties and this t-shirt tells you why.

On this Doctor Who t-shirt you can see a red bow tie and below the image it says “Are Cool” and that of course means “Bow Ties Are Cool” witch is something the Doctor would say.

You can get this cool bow tie t-shirt in men and women’s styles in a nice range of colors and in sizes Small – 4XL and yes to be cool you have to be comfortable and that is why this t-shirt is made from 100% cotton.

Just wear this t-shirt around town and many people will look at your shirt and like it even without knowing what it is all about, and the real fans will let you know how amazing you look in this shirt.

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