buy Doctor Who The Colouring Book

Doctor Who The Colouring Book

Now that coloring for adults became mainstream it’s time for a coloring book for all use Doctor Who fans.

This adult coloring book is filled with 45 stunning images related to the Doctor and his enemies.

Yes there is a Weeping Angel and sure the Tardis is there to but there is much more and for you to explore by coloring these amazing piece of art specially made for all grown up Doctor Who fans that just want to have some fun coloring.

Now you can make the Tardis in the color you like it to be because this is your coloring book and that means you make the rules not the Doctor or his TV show.

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buy Tardis Breaking Time T-Shirt

Tardis Breaking Time T-Shirt

If you watch a lot of Doctor Who episodes that you know by now that the Tardis can travel through time and space and the Doctor has to be really carefully with not changing to much because the future could change.

On this Doctor Who t-shirt you can see the Tardis and it seems to have appeared inside a clock and by doing that it broke time with parts of the clock flying around.

This Tardis t-shirt is available in many colors and in styles from both men and women. Made from 100% cotton this Doctor Who t-shirt is comfortable and fun to wear and that is why it is available in sizes Small – 6XL so that many Doctor Who fans can enjoy wearing one.

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Bow Tie, Fez And Sonic Screwdriver Leggings


Doctor Who Bow Tie, Fez And Sonic Screwdriver Leggings

Women who like the 11th Doctor are going to like these Doctor Who leggings.

The women’s leggings are white and have many image on them of bow ties, fez and Sonic Screwdriver and they just seem to be floating around over the whole legging.

So front, back and sides the typical items of the 11th Doctor are there just for everyone to look at.

You can get these women’s leggings in sizes XXSmall – XL and they are made from 82% Polyester and 18% Elastane and it has an elastic waistband for ultimate comfort.

Just wear these fun Doctor Who leggings like that or with a fun skirt, dress or shorts and you will feel like you are part of the world of the Doctor.

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