buy Sonic Screwdriver Bracelet

Sonic Screwdriver Bracelet

If you are a Doctor Who fan that wants a cool piece of jewelry then you should check out this Sonic Screwdriver bracelet.

The Doctor Who bracelet has two blue parts and in between it says Doctor Who and above it you an find an infinite love loop on it because we all love Doctor Who forever and then on the lower part there you will find a Sonic Screwdriver pendants making this the perfect Doctor Who jewelry as you now can have your own Sonic Screwdriver with you where ever you go.

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buy The Dalek Backpack

The Dalek Backpack

Now a Doctor Who fan can have the perfect bag for everyday because now there is the Dalek backpack.

The Doctor Who backpack is black with on it 4 different colored Dalek and that makes this the perfect bag for a day of exterminating.

The Dalek backpack has two pockets one main big compartment and a small front pocket so that it can hold all your goods you need for your next adventure.

Sure this bag is great for back to school but works great for a day in the office or a hike in the woods too.

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buy 13th Doctor Who Outfit T-Shirt

13th Doctor Who Outfit T-Shirt

If you like to look more like the first female Doctor Who then you should check out this 13th Doctor Who outfit t-shirt.

The t-shirt looks almost exactly what the 13th Doctor is wearing and that means that you can use this as a cosplay or Halloween costume part.

The t-shirt has a the perfect neckline and shows a bunch of colorful lines on the top and that make this just a fun shirt to wear anyway of the year or as part of a costume.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes in women’s sizes Small – XL.

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buy Female Doctor And A Sunset T-Shirt

Female Doctor And A Sunset T-Shirt

Come see a female Doctor and a sunset t-shirt.

On the t-shirt you can see the 13th Doctor Who and even the Tardis. You can not see the details of the Doctor and the Tardis as the sun is setting but you can see a silhouette of her standing on a hillside while looking on the world below her.

You can get this Doctor Who t-shirt in men’s sizes XSmall – 3XL and they are all made from 100% cotton and will look great on women too.

And with the first female Doctor Who also a new Doctor Who logo arrived and you can find that on this special t-shirt too.

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buy Tardis In The Clouds Coasters

Tardis In The Clouds Coasters

Now Doctor Who fan can have these Tardis in the clouds coasters.

This is a set of 4 Tardis coasters and all have the same print that looks amazing.

On the Doctor Who coasters you can see clouds at night with the moon in the distance but also the Tardis just hanging there in the clouds almost like it is parked there by the Doctor.

The Tardis coasters are 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches with cut of corners and they are made from high density fiberboard wood making them strong and ready for many glasses to be parked on it instead of on your table.

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buy Dr. Whoot T-Shirt

Dr. Whoot T-Shirt

If you like Doctor Who and owls then you have to check out this Dr. Whoot t-shirt.

The shirt is available in styles for men and women and comes in sizes Small – 6XL and is made from 100% cotton.

On this Doctor Who t-shirt you won’t see a real Doctor but an owl that looks like the 10th Doctor complete with a nice tie and his two color 3D glasses. Above the owl it says “Dr. Whoot!” because it is Doctor Who but also an owl.

It is a fun t-shirt for all the Doctor Who fans that like to have a t-shirt that is just a bit different.

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buy Tardis Lunch Bag

Tardis Lunch Bag

If you need a lunch box for your school or work lunch then you should check out this Tardis lunch bag.

The lunch bag is amazing looking as it is Tardis blue with on it the signs and windows that you will find on the front of the Tardis doors. And this Doctor Who lunch box has a black handle on the top and comes with a removable carry strap so that you can take it to the lunch room without using your hands.

And this Doctor Who lunch bag is insulated to keep food warm or cold for hours and has antimicrobial and is mold resistant to make it just perfect for lunch.

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buy 10th Doctor And A Hand Figurine

10th Doctor And A Hand Figurine

If you are a true Doctor Who collector then you should be checking this 10th Doctor and a hand figurine.

The figurine of the 10th Doctor is part of the Funko pop! series and this time Doctor Who is wearing a nice blue suit and his red sneakers and as two hands are often not enough he is bringing a 3e one in a canister.

And like all the Pop! figurines this Doctor Who figurine come in the typical box with the window so that you could choose to keep Doctor Who in new state while still being able to admire him and have all your figures nicely stacked as the boxes are about the same size.

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buy Worn Look Tardis Wallet

Worn Look Tardis Wallet

If you are a Doctor Who fan looking for a way to store cash or cards then you have to see this worn look Tardis wallet.

This is a bifold Doctor Who wallet with on the outside a part of the Tardis with the doors on the front with the windows and many signs and it looks a bit worn to make it look even better.

On the inside the Tardis wallet is blue and it has the Doctor Who logo in white and there are lots of card slots and a pocket for your cash.

Now you can always have the Tardis near close to your credit cards and cash.

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buy Painted Tardis Notebook

Painted Tardis Notebook

Now you as a true Doctor Who fan can have a cool painted Tardis notebook.

The Doctor Who notebook is great for school, work, and at home.

The Tardis notebook is available in a blank and a lined version and it is 6 x 8 inches making it a nice size and as it has the art work on both the front and the back.

Now anyone that know that a blue police box is what the Doctor uses for traveling through time and space will like you notebook as it look socks cool.

And sure the Tardis on the notebook is not a picture but more a piece of art, it also means that it is way more unique and special.

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