buy Dalek Dice Board Game

Dalek Dice Board Game

If you like something to do when it is a rainy day then there is the Dalek dice board game.

The Doctor Who game has a Dalek dice cup and 10 special Doctor Who dice and that means that after you open it you are ready to play.

You will need at least 2 Doctor Who fans to play and then you are set and do something else then staring at your phone or watching Doctor Who on TV.

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buy Tardis Cookie Cutter

Tardis Cookie Cutter

If you like Doctor Who and cookies then you should check out this Tardis cookie cutter so that you always have the perfect cookie.

The Doctor Who cookie cutter comes in two sizes 2 and 3.5 inch and does not just cut the outlines of the Tardis but also has a stamp that imprints the doors and everything into you baking and it even gives it a 3D look.

No more boring store bought cookie for you because now you can bake the cookies the Doctor would like and maybe they are banana flavored or just simple sugar cookies they all will look like the Tardis.

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buy Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Episode With The 1st and 12th Doctors

Doctor Who 2017 Christmas Episode With The 1st and 12th Doctors

If you like Christmas and Doctor Who then you should check out the 2017 Christmas episode DVD or Blu-ray.

The Doctor Who Twice Upon A Time is the final episode of the 12th Doctor but there is another Doctor in there and that is the 1st Doctor Who.

So now you can rewatch the Christmas episode that brought together two version of the Doctor.

Besides the episode itself there are also extra’s so that you can see more then that they showed you on TV.

Now you just have to choose between DVD or Blu-ray and you are ready to get your copy of Twice Upon A Time.

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buy Tardis Plaid Skirt

Tardis Plaid Skirt

Now there is a classy Tardis plaid skirt for the Doctor Who fan that like to have a nice skirt that does not scream Doctor Who.

The classy skirt is white with a blue plaid print and on it you can also find a tiny embroidered Tardis that has a Union Jack flag design. On the plaid print you can also find words and they say “Police Public Call Box” and that goes in rows all around it just like on the top of the Tardis.

You can get this Doctor Who skirt in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and it is made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex.

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buy Amy Pond Pop! Figurine

Amy Pond Pop! Figurine

Now there is an Amy Pond Pop! figurine and it is a limited edition so you have to be quick.

The figurine on Amy is party of the Pop! series that we all know and that also means that she will have the big head and yes it has red hair and she is wearing the police uniform she wore in the first episode she was in.

Amy is number 600 in the Pop Vinyl series and it is a 2018 spring convention exclusive and to me that means that after the spring it will be over so make sure you add her to your Doctor Who collection.

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buy Tardis Headband With Bow

Tardis Headband With Bow

Now your hair will tell everyone around you that you like Doctor Who and his Tardis because this is a Tardis headband with bow.

The headband is black and that seems to be the galaxy and on that you can see the Tardis just flying around. And as the galaxy is so big you will see many images of the Tardis. And as it has a bow on it you will be reminded about the 11th Doctor all the time.

The headband has an elastic part so that it can stay neatly in place while you are doing your busy life.

A Doctor Who headband like this is also fun as part of you Doctor Who Halloween or cosplay outfit.

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buy Weeping Angel Purse

Weeping Angel Purse

Now there is a cool Weeping Angel purse and that is something a true Doctor Who fan wants.

The Doctor Who purse has a removable chain so that you can carry it around you shoulder or just in your hand.

The purse shows a Weeping Angel with covered eyes but when you open the handbag then you see a completely different angel and you can see it now by clicking on the image.

Inside the Doctor Who purse it has zippered compartment for things likes you credit card but there is a bigger pocket too that can hold other things like maybe your phone, hairlip and things like that.

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buy The World Of The Doctor T-Shirt

The World Of The Doctor T-Shirt

Now there is a Doctor Who t-shirt that has it all and that is why you should check out this the world of the Doctor t-shirt.

This t-shirt has all a Doctor Who fan needs, there is the Tardis of course with on it the words “Bad Wolf” which brings back memories to Rose and then there is a Weeping Angel and that brings back memories to the 11th Doctor and Amy and the Angel is wearing the scarf of the 4th Doctor.

All in all it is an amazing looking t-shirt and the shirt is available in styles for men and women and it comes in many sizes and colors too so that it is the perfect Doctor Who t-shirt for you.

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buy 6th Doctor Who Costume

6th Doctor Who Costume

If you want to look like Doctor Who and want people to notice you then you want to check out this 6th Doctor Who costume.

This Doctor Who costume includes the classic pants, jacket, shirt, and tie that they 6th Doctor and it comes in many men’s sizes from XSmall – 2XL and I am sure that it will look stunning on women too.

So Comic Con, Halloween or any other occasion that you like to be Doctor Who at then you are set with this outfit as all you need is footwear and a cool haircut and you are ready to become the Doctor.

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buy Scale 1:6 9th Doctor Figurine

Scale 1:6 9th Doctor Figurine

If you like the 9th Doctor Who then you should be check out this 9th Doctor Who figurine.

The Doctor Who action figure is the 9th Doctor in all the details you expect from his hair an leather jacket all the way to the banana and the Sonic Screwdriver.

The 9th Doctor figure has 8 replaceable hands that can hold lots of the included items that include banana, Sonic Screwdriver, wallet, and much more.

And the Doctor comes with its own base so that it will look amazing standing on a shelf in your home and I am sure that other Doctor Who fans are going to be impressed by this cool figure.

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