buy Emojibot Christmas Ornament

Emojibot Christmas Ornament

One Doctor Who character we all remember is the Emojibot and this holiday season you can have an Emojibot Christmas Ornament for your tree.

This holiday ornament is just the Emojibot as we have seen in the episode with the 12th Doctor and this one looks really happy and it is nice to have some happy smiling faces in your tree.

And as the ornament does not have specific holiday details you can keep using it all year long just hang it in your bedroom, office, school locker or maybe the car mirror.

The Emojibot is just fun to own as it is so detailed and looks just like on TV.

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buy Doctor Who The Women Who Lived Book

Doctor Who The Women Who Lived Book

Need something to read? Check out this Doctor Who The Women Who Lived Book.

The Doctor Who book is all about the women you have seen in the Doctor Who adventures. There are many females in this book from the female Doctor Who herself to queens and other characters and of course companions because you like to read about Rose, Amy, and the others.

The Doctor Who book is 224 pages and comes in paper form and a digital version.

Inside the book you will find many details of the women with a nice picture of them next to it.

If you need a nice Doctor Who present for a fan then this book is what you should check out.

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buy Tardis At Night Fleece Blanket

Tardis At Night Fleece Blanket

Doctor Who fans are in luck as there now is a cool Tardis at night fleece blanket.

The Doctor Who blanket is made from 100% polyester fleece and measures 45 x 60 inches.

On the blanket you can see a star filled night sky and the Tardis parked on the bottom with some rolling hills in the back.

A fleece blanket is super handy to have ready when you want a blanket to keep your warm while watching TV or taking a nap on the couch but it is nice and versatile as you can use in on the bed too or even for a picnic in the park or to keep your warm on a long trip on a plane.

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buy 2019 13th Doctor Who Wall Calendar

2019 13th Doctor Who Wall Calendar

2019 will be the year we all be talking about the first female Doctor Who and that is why you really want this 2019 13th Doctor Who wall calendar.

The wall calendar is all about the first female Doctor Who and her companions and yes the Tardis is part of the wall calendar too.

In the Doctor Who calendar you will find nice photo’s of the cast members and the Tardis and the half of the calendar shows the calendar grid with all the major holidays filled out while offering plenty of room for your own appointments and important days like birthdays.

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buy 13th Doctor LEGO Minifigure

13th Doctor LEGO Minifigure

Anyone that likes LEGO figures and Doctor Who should check out this 13th Doctor LEGO minifigure.

The figurine of the first female Doctor Who is the typical LEGO figure only this time it is made to look like a true Doctor Who so she is wearing her coat and even carries the key to the Tardis.

Sure this is not an figurine build by LEGO but it is made from new LEGO parts and with added custom parts.

And the Doctor Who minifigure comes in a nice package which makes it a fun present for a true Doctor Who fan that loves LEGO too.

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buy Tardis Instruction Manual

Tardis Instruction Manual

As a Doctor Who fan you know what the Tardis is but if you want to know all about it then you should check out this Tardis instruction manual.

The Tardis books all about the type 40 Tardis and that does include schematics, diagrams, floorpans and much more.

So now you can read up about what is the Tardis and what functions it has and by knowing all that you would be the perfect new Doctor Who companion because you need less training about how the Tardis works.

Adding the Tardis manual to your bookcase also makes you look much smarter as this time and space machine is really high tech.

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buy Tardis Christmas Chocolates

Tardis Christmas Chocolates

A Doctor Who fan with a sweet tooth can now have these Tardis Christmas chocolates.

The Doctor Who chocolates come in a box that has the Tardis in the snow on the front and there is a Christmas wreath on the door.

Inside the box you will find 40 chocolates and all have fun holiday things engraved in them. The chocolates are 100% Belgium chocolate and it is a mix of both milk and dark chocolate.

I am sure that any Doctor Who fan will love to get this box of chocolates so make sure you stock up so that you have enough to get all your friends that like Doctor Who their own box.

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buy Sonic Screwdriver Key Chain With Build In Light

Sonic Screwdriver Key Chain With Build In Light

Doctor Who fans can now take a cool key chain to be reminded about the Doctor so come check out this Sonic Screwdriver key chain with build in light.

This is the Sonic Screwdriver as used by the 12th Doctor Who only this one is smaller as it had to be a key chain and by making it 5.5 inches long it did loose some power so now it only has light build in so that you can bring light to the dark.

Adding this Doctor Who key chain to your keys is a great way to be reminded about the Doctor and it will be a great addition to a backpack as it will look great dangling on a zipper.

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buy Blue China Pattern Ruffle Shorts

Blue China Pattern Ruffle Shorts

Now there are these cute Doctor Who ruffle shorts with a blue China pattern.

These women’s shorts are made from 97% rayon and 5% spandex and come in junior sizes XSmall – 2XL.

On the the white Doctor Who shorts you can see a blue flowers pattern but in the flowers there are many Doctor Who details like the Tardis and some Dalek so click on the picture to have a better look at the shorts design.

On a summer day you can now go out in your new Doctor Who shorts and on a cold day at home you can still be comfy wearing these shorts as they are the perfect for almost any day of the year.

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buy The Heads Of 13 Doctor’s T-Shirt

The Heads Of 13 Doctor’s T-Shirt

Now there is a the heads of 13 Doctor’s t-shirt that will bring you lots of Doctor Who heads on one amazing shirt.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is available in a bunch of fun colors and is unisex so that both men and women can enjoy it and as it comes in sizes Small – 6XL there is likely one that fits you perfectly.

On the t-shirt you can see 4 shelves and on these shelves you can find displays with in them the heads of the first 13 Doctor Who’s, all the Doctors from before the first female Doctor Who and yes that includes the war doctor. Besides the heads there are some other items to like 3D glasses, bow tie, scarfs, and more.

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