buy Doctor Who Pencil Set

Doctor Who Pencil Set

Now there is this Doctor Who Pencil Set for all the fans that need a pencil.

This is a set of 5 different pencils that come in two colors white and blue and each pencil has a different Doctor Who text on it that will bring back so many memories.

You can get things like “Don’t Blink” or “I am the Doctor” and some others.

Now going to the office or school will be so much better all thanks to your new Doctor Who pencils that even have an eraser on the top so that you can erase your mistakes or maybe some secrets.

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buy Time Lord And The Tardis Throw Blanket

Time Lord And The Tardis Throw Blanket

Now you can own this Time Lord And The Tardis Throw Blanket that is perfect for Doctor Who fans like you.

The Doctor Who blanket is nice and warm and great for on the couch to keep you warm at a cold night but it is also great for on the bed as nothing is better than being kept warm by a time lord.

The Time Lord blanket is 50 x 60 inches and shows the words “Time Lord” in the background and on top of that you can see the Tardis just flying by to it’s new adventure with the Doctor.

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buy Blue Tardis Pin

Blue Tardis Pin

Now there is this Blue Tardis Pin that can help you tell the world that you are a Doctor Who fan.

This pin looks exactly like the famous blue police box we all know as the Tardis. The button is great as you can pin it onto almost anything transforming it automatically into something based on Doctor Who.

The Tardis pin is 1 inch tall and 0.75 inch wide.

Clothes, bags or hats can all use this pin and you can wear it everyday of the year to feel closer to the Doctor and the crazy adventures they have for such a long time.

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buy Dalek Exterminate Boxers Shorts

Dalek Exterminate Boxers Shorts

Now you can be wearing these Dalek Exterminate Boxers Shorts that is the perfect underwear for a Doctor Who fan.

The Doctor Who underwear is black  with lots of images of Daleks and the word Dalek on it and they are white and red so that they stand out neatly on the black fabric. The underwear also has a red waistband with the Doctor Who logo in the middle with and the text “Exterminate”.

You can get this Dalek underwear in men’s sizes Small – XL and they are all made from 100% cotton.

You can be the one that know that you are wearing Doctor Who underwear and feel a bigger fan that anyone else.

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buy Tardis The Doctor Is in T-Shirt

Tardis The Doctor Is in T-Shirt

Doctor Who fans can now show it off thanks to this Tardis The Doctor Is in T-Shirt.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is Tardis blue and on the front you can see the top an bottom of the blue police box and in the middle it says “The Doctor Is In”.

You can get this Doctor Who t-shirt in women’s sizes Small – 3XL and all are made from 100% cotton.

I am sure that wearing this t-shirt will make you feel closer to the Doctor and it also makes it clear to other Doctor Who fans that you are a true Doctor Who fan.

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buy 10th Doctor In 80s Style T-Shirt

10th Doctor In 80s Style T-Shirt

Doctor Who fans can now have this 10th Doctor In 80s Style T-Shirt to shows how cool they are and that they like the 10th Doctor.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is available in many men’s sizes and it is made from a soft grey cotton.

On the front of the t-shirt you can find a 80s style picture of the 10th Doctor Who while wearing the famous 3D glasses. Besides the Doctor himself it also says Doctor Who on top of it in purple print.

So if you like a funky 80s style Doctor Who t-shirt then this is the shirt to check out.

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buy Unisex Weeping Angel Pajama Set

Unisex Weeping Angel Pajama Set

Now you can be wearing this Unisex Weeping Angel Pajama Set and have some nice dreams about Doctor Who while sleeping.

This Doctor Who pajama set has a t-shirt and long pants making it great for sleeping and lounging and the pajama is made from 100% cotton and comes in many sizes to fit many men and women.

The t-shirt is black with on the back some big angel wings and on the front the face and claws of a Weeping Angel and the text “Don’t Blink”.

On the pajama pants you can find rows and rows of the face of Weeping Angels and the text “Don’t Blink”.

This is a fun pajama set for all the true Doctor Who fans that know about Weeping Angels.

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buy Kids Doctor Who Pajama Set

Kids Doctor Who Pajama Set

If your child loves Doctor Who and sleeping then check out this Kids Doctor Who Pajama Set.

The Doctor Who pajama set is made from 100% cotton and comes in sizes 2 – 13 years so that lots of kids can enjoy wearing it.

The pajama has a black t-shirt says “Doctor Who lost in time and space” and shows a big image of the Tardis but it also a Dalek. The pajama shorts are light in colored and is covered in images of the Tardis and the Doctor Who logo.

I am sure that your child will love this sleepwear and besides sleeping it is fun to just lounge in it at home on the weekend or when watching Doctor Who on TV.

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buy 11th Doctor Christmas Ornament

11th Doctor Christmas Ornament

Now Doctor Who fans can have this 11th Doctor Christmas Ornament in their Christmas tree.

The ornament is 5 inches tall and looks like the 11th Doctor in his typical outfit complete with his bowtie and to make it all festive the Doctor is wearing a Santa hat.

An Doctor Who ornament like this is great fun in a tree of a Doctor Who fan so if you are one or know one this would be a great piece to have and it will one of those pieces you want to keep in your Christmas decoration set so that you can keep using it year after year.

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buy Denim Tardis Wallet

Denim Tardis Wallet

Now there is this great looking Denim Tardis Wallet that is just made for true Doctor Who fans.

This is not a small wallet that fits in your pocket but more like a women’s wallet.

The Doctor Who wallet is made from pieces of denims patch together and then there is also the signs on it that you can find on the door of the Tardis  and to top it all of there is Tardis blue police box on it too.

Inside the wallet there is room for lots of cards and cash and there is even one card slot with a window that can be perfect for holding ID cards so that you can use it would taking it out.

And the whole Tardis wallet has a zipper close to keep your cash and cards safe.

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