buy The Outfit Of The 13th Doctor Mug

The Outfit Of The 13th Doctor Mug

Now you can have this fun The Outfit Of The 13th Doctor Mug.

This is not your average mug, as it is not straight and normal but more like round like a ball with the top open.

If you are a true Doctor Who fan then you know what you are seeing when you look at the mug as it is the shirt and suspenders the 13th Doctor wears and yes the front and the back are different thanks to suspenders and you can see both of  them by clicking on the picture.

The Doctor Who mug is an official Doctor Who product so you know it is real.

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buy Weeping Angel Don’t Blink Car Magnet

Weeping Angel Don’t Blink Car Magnet

Doctor Who fans can now get this Weeping Angel Don’t Blink Car Magnet.

This magnet is made to last on your car and will survive UV and water and it is made to stay on your car even at high speeds.

This magnet is Tardis blue in color and on it, you find the text “Don’t Blink” in white and all Doctor Who fans know what that means and if you don’t then go read up on Weeping Angel and see some of the Doctor Who episodes with them in it.

And if you want something more permanent then you are in luck as you can this as a Doctor Who bumper sticker too.

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buy Loungefly Tardis Backpack

Loungefly Tardis Backpack

Doctor Who fans can now get this fun Loungefly Tardis Backpack.

If you are in need of a cute mini backpack that is just perfect for Doctor Who fans then you should check out this backpack.

The backpack is Tardis blue and is made from a fake leather which really looks cool without hurting animals and there are darker patches on the bottom that look like the panels on the door of the Tardis and above it you can see the windows and on top of that the famous sign that says “Police Public Call Box”.

This Tardis backpack is 11 x 9 x 4.5 which is a great size for thinks you need on the go like your phone, wallet, and many other things.

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buy Tardis Fun Pocket Backpack

Tardis Fun Pocket Backpack

Doctor Who fans can now have this amazing Tardis Fun Pocket Backpack.

This backpack looks a lot like the Tardis as it is the same kind of blue and the pockets look like the print of the Tardis too complete with the door sign.

There are other fun details like colored stripes and even a Tardis as a zipper pull.

The Doctor Who backpack is 18 x 11 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch and has a laptop pocket inside it too and slide side pockets and of course the big long pockets on the back.

School, work, or other adventures this Doctor Who backpack is what you need!

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buy 64 Oz Tardis Mug

64 Oz Tardis Mug

Now you can start drinking your tea or coffee from this giant 64 Oz Tardis Mug.

Doctor Who fans that need a lot of coffee to get going in the morning can now have it all in one mug.

Normal mugs are about 8 – 12 oz so this Tardis mug is a lot bigger.

Not only the Doctor Who mug is the great size it is also amazing looking. The ceramic mug is round but has the Tardis look to it complete with embossed panels just like in the real Tardis.

I am sure that all the Doctor Who fans that love coffee or tea will love this mug but it is really big so drink fast otherwise your beverage gets cold.

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buy 11th Doctor PEZ Dispenser

11th Doctor PEZ Dispenser

Now you can have candy ready all thanks to this 11th Doctor PEZ Dispenser.

Doctor Who fans that have a need for sweets can carry around the 11th Doctor Who and he is now a Pez dispenser.

This looks like any other PEZ dispenser that can hold a pack of their candies and then on top there is a fun head and this time it is the head of famous 11th Doctor that like custard and fish fingers but lucky for us the candies are not flavored like that.

The 11th Doctor comes in a nice box that you can look into and besides the Doctor, there is a pack of candies too so that you are ready to go.

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buy Doctor Who Crocs Charms And Bracelet Set

Doctor Who Crocs Charms And Bracelet Set

This Doctor Who Crocs Charms And Bracelet Set will make your shoes look fun again.

Now you can get a blue bracelet with holes in it and it comes with 5 charms that also fit in the holes in your Crocs.

There is a charm of a Dalek, Weeping Angel, Tardis, and the 10th and 11th Doctor.

So now you can have a small version of your Doctor of choice and a villain and the Tardis and all can hang on your arm or on your shoes.



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buy Tardis And The 13th Doctor Socks 5 pairs

Tardis And The 13th Doctor Socks 5 pairs

Doctor Who fans that need socks should check out these Tardis And The 13th Doctor Socks 5 pairs.

Doctor Who fans men and women can both enjoy these socks.

Each pair offers something else to look at, two pairs show an image of the 13th Doctor and two have the Tardis on them and then the final pair has the new Doctor Who logo that came with the first female Doctor Who.

And as this is a pack of 5 pairs of Doctor Who socks you could choose to share them with friends or you can wear a different pair every day of the work or school week.

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buy Tardis Shaped Mug

Tardis Shaped Mug

Time for a drink from this amazing looking Tardis Shaped Mug that is just made for all the fans of Doctor Who.

A true Doctor Who fan already noticed that this is the Tardis of the 13th Doctor as the door signs changed with the new Doctor.

The Tardis mug looks like the Tardis as it is a square mug shaped exactly like the Tardis but just without the top and with a big chrome handle on the side.

Your new Doctor Who mug is an 18oz ceramic mug and is just great for coffee, tea, or maybe even something stronger and just perfect to drink out of while watching a Doctor Who adventure on TV.

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buy Tardis Sports Bra

Tardis Sports Bra

Doctor Who fans can now get this Tardis sports bra.

If you like a good workout then you probably use a sports bra and now you can get one that comes in Tardis blue and on top of the blue you can find white drawings of the Tardis police box and you also find some stars in between.

You can get this Doctor Who bra in women’s sizes Small – XL so that you can get the perfect fit.

I am sure that a true Doctor Who fan like you is going to love wearing this sports bra instead of all the others that do not have the Tardis on it.

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