buy I am Watching Dr Who Socks

I am Watching Dr Who Socks

Doctor Who fan can now have a pair of I am Watching Dr Who Socks.

These socks are just plain white but then when you get comfortable for watching Doctor Who and put your feet on the table then the messages shows up.

On the bottom of one sock you can see the Tardis and the word “Shhh!” and then on the other sock it says “I’m watching Dr Who”. And the whole printing on the bottom of your feet also is nonslip so that you can keep walking on your socks inside without slipping.

These fun Doctor Who socks are a great gift for men and women that love to watch Doctor Who.

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buy I went to Gallifrey Canteen

I went to Gallifrey Canteen

Now there is this Doctor Who I went to Gallifrey Canteen.

This is an amazing looking wide mouth water bottle with a stainless steel lining to keep your drinks away from chemical leashed linings.

And this Doctor Who canteen can hold 18oz in liquid and that makes it great as your everyday bottle for all your activities and even work and school.

On the outside you can see that the bottle is teal in color and shows an image of the Tardis and the text “I went to Gallifrey and all I got was this canteen”.

It is an amazing bottle and one that is not to obviously a Doctor Who item so only the true fans will understand it.

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buy The Galaxy And The Tardis Cup & Saucer

The Galaxy And The Tardis Cup & Saucer

Is it tea time yet? If so serve it in this Tardis cup & saucer set.

No need to keep using a boring mug or even a paper cup because if you like to your tea in style then this cup & saucer set is just made for a Doctor Who set like you.

The afternoon tea set is made from ceramic but it is hand wash only as it does not like to be hidden in a dishwasher.

The cup of the set is Tardis blue with the famous doors on it and it even has the top sign on it. And then there is the saucer that has an image of the galaxy on it making it look like the Tardis cup is flying through the galaxy all at tea time.

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buy Kids T Is For Tardis Book

Kids T Is For Tardis Book

Now you child can learn the alphabet all thanks to this Doctor Who Kids T Is For Tardis Book.

The book comes in an hardcover version and as an ebook and it has 60 pages with great retro style art in it.

The book is rated grade 3 – 7 (ages 9 – 12) but anyone that loves Doctor Who will like this book.

Inside the book you will find the text like “C is for Cyberman” and then shows a cool picture of a Cyberman but sometimes there are more then one picture so that it becomes clear to your child how the alphabet goes and in what order the letters go.

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buy Tardis Trinket Dish

Tardis Trinket Dish

Now all the Doctor Who fans can have their trinkets sorted out all thanks to this Tardis Trinket Dish.

The ceramic trinket dish is Tardis blue and the inside looks like the doors of the Tardis just like we all know it from the Doctor Who TV series.

The tray is 4 1/2 x 2 inches making it the perfect size for on a side table or maybe you night stand so that it can hold things like jewelry or maybe some loose coins from your pocket.

A fun item like this is great to have as you can almost use it anywhere in the house.

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buy Pez Dispenser Of The 13th Doctor

Pez Dispenser Of The 13th Doctor

Now there is a Pez Dispenser Of The 13th Doctor and that makes it a must have for Doctor Who fans like you.

The Pez dispenser is the same as all the others with a holder that holds all the candy and then a fun top that in this case is the head of the 13th Doctor and when you fold the head back a candy comes out of it.

The head looks just like the first female Doctor Who complete with her blond hair.

You find this Pez dispenser in a nice box complete with a pack of Pez candies and those are gluten, peanut, and tree nut free.

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buy Exterminate A Doctor Who Quiz Book

Exterminate A Doctor Who Quiz Book

Now you can test your Doctor Who knowledge all thanks to this Exterminate A Doctor Who Quiz Book.

The Doctor Who book is great fun as you can play with friends to see how much you know about Doctor Who and everything around it.

In the book you can find 25 quizzes and each has 15 question and that is the perfect amount for a quick game before you start watching the Doctor on TV.

You can get this book as a paper copy or as an ebook so that you can have it in the format you like best.

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buy Dalek Dots And The Tardis Socks

Dalek Dots And The Tardis Socks

Now you can be a Doctor Who fan with themed socks.

These dark blue socks have the Tardis on the foot of the socks and then the top of the socks is covered in white dots and they do think of the dots on the Daleks so they are really perfect socks for the true Doctor Who fans.

Your new socks are great for both men and women and they are made from 98% polyester and 2% spandex.

Now you can have the perfect socks that makes you think about Doctor Who when ever you look at them.

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buy Tardis Girl Power T-Shirt

Tardis Girl Power T-Shirt

Doctor Who fans can now show their love for the 13th Doctor all thanks to this Tardis Girl Power T-Shirt.

The t-shirt is available in a bunch of styles for both men and women and it comes in sizes Small – 6XL and a bunch of colors.

On the Doctor Who shirt you can see the Tardis as it looks like it is being painted on the shirt while paint is dripping and then on top of the Tardis it says “GRL PWR” which of course means girl power.

With a girl Doctor Who being in power this shirt is just perfect for a true Doctor Who fan like you.

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buy 13th Doctor Portrait Hoodie

13th Doctor Portrait Hoodie

Now Doctor Who fans can be warm and comfy all thanks to this 13th Doctor Portrait Hoodie.

The Doctor Who hoodie comes in black, navy blue, red, and white and is made from 10% polyester and 90% cotton.

On the hoodie you can find a purple circle in the background which could be a planet and on to pot that you can find the portrait of the 13th Doctor and below her head you can find a part of the Doctor Who logo that says “Who” and next to it you find a silhouette of the first female Doctor and the Tardis.

You can get this cool Doctor Who hoodie in sizes Small – 2XL and it will look great on both men and women. And if you like you can get this Doctor Who design on a t-shirt too.

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