buy Women’s A-Line Tardis Dress

Women’s A-Line Tardis Dress

Now there is this Women’s A-Line Tardis Dress that you have to check out.

The Doctor Who dress is white with a fun blue damask style print that has the famous blue Police box in it too and the Tardis can be found lots of time in this fun dress design.

You can get this Tardis dress in women’s sizes XXSmall – 4XL and the dress is made from 97% polyester and 3% elastane and has a silky feeling.

And as the dress does not has sleeve it will be perfect for summer but will also look great in winter with a cardigan or jacket.

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buy Costume Of The 6th Doctor T-Shirt

Costume Of The 6th Doctor T-Shirt

Now there is this Costume Of The 6th Doctor T-Shirt that is just perfect everyday wear for a true Doctor Who fan.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is unisex making it just perfect for men and women and is available in sizes XSmall – 2XL.

The t-shirt has black short sleeve and back but the front is covered in the typical outfit of the 6th Doctor.

Many Doctor Who fans don’t really know who the 6th Doctor is and that makes this t-shirt even more exciting.

Cosplay, Halloween or maybe just Monday this Doctor Who t-shirt is what a true Doctor Who fan wants to wear.

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buy 3rd Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

3rd Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Now there is a 3rd Doctor Sonic Screwdriver that all the Doctor Who collectors and fans need.

Most Doctor Who fans know about the Sonic Screwdriver used by the last couple of Doctors but if you are a true fan then you know about the one used by the 3rd Doctor and you can own it.

The Sonic Screwdriver has the perfect details you expect and there are even Sonic Screwdriver sounds build in making it even cooler to own.

You can have this as part of your collection or as part of your cosplay or Halloween costume.

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buy 20 Piece Doctor Who Bracelet Charm Set

20 Piece Doctor Who Bracelet Charm Set

Now you can get this 20 Piece Doctor Who Bracelet Charm Set and have Doctor Who ready to be on your bracelet.

The charm set has 20 different charms all related to Doctor Who things like a bad wolf, Sonic Screwdriver, Dalek, and the Tardis are just a couple of what you will.

And besides hanging them on your bracelet you can hang them on other things to like maybe earring, necklace, backpack and much more.

Now you can have Doctor Who details on almost anything you own and that is fun.

No more boring jewelry for you because it can be Doctor Who jewelry by adding a charm.

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buy Stars And The Tardis Swim Trunks

Stars And The Tardis Swim Trunks

Now you can wear these Stars And The Tardis Swim Trunks to the pool and show everyone that you are a big Doctor Who fan.

These Doctor Who swim shorts are available in a bunch of men’s sizes and they are dark blue with stars on the background and then on top of that you can find the Tardis itself in a cool print with windows that show through some light.

So swimming or just hanging out in shorts will be extra fun if you are a big Doctor Who fan and other Doctor Who fans will now know that you are one .

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buy Tardis Details Mug

Tardis Details Mug

Doctor Who fans can now use this cool Tardis Details Mug that is great for your morning coffee.

The Doctor Who mug is white on the inside and has a white handle and then the outside is blue with on it some famous signs with the St John Ambulance on one side and on the other side the famous door sign.

And if you didn’t know what Tardis stand for then you can read it inside the mug.

The Doctor Who mug is 20 ounce making it nice and big so that it can hold lots of coffee or the beverage of your choice.

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buy Tardis Fish Tank Ornament

Tardis Fish Tank Ornament

Doctor Who fans can now get this cool looking Tardis Fish Tank Ornament.

This aquarium ornament is a famous blue police box that looks worn and even has some holes for air and it looks really cool.

You have to worry about what you fish will do when they find out how the Tardis works. When one day your fish tank is empty then they are just traveling around with the Tardis maybe looking where the Doctor went.

The Doctor Who aquarium ornament is almost 7 inches tall and about 4 inches wide and the door is open so you and your fish can look inside to see if it is bigger on the inside.

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buy Women’s Sneaky My Magic Box Tardis Underwear

Women’s Sneaky My Magic Box Tardis Underwear

Now there is this fun Women’s Sneaky My Magic Box Tardis Underwear.

If your loved one loves Doctor Who and you like to get them a sexy surprise then wear these panties and let them read it as I will be sure that it will bring some smiles.

The Doctor Who panties are black and made from 95% preshrunk cotton and 5% spandex. And this underwear is available in women’s sizes Small – XL.

On the panties it shows the Tardis but is made from text with the typical Tardis top and the whole print is blue an it says “My Magic Box Can Transport You Through Time And Space”.

All in all real funny panties that will be looking great on you.

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buy Tardis Navy Blue Hoodie With Rainbow Stripes

Tardis Navy Blue Hoodie With Rainbow Stripes

Now there is this Tardis Navy Blue Hoodie With Rainbow Stripes that is perfect for anyone that like Doctor Who and its adventures.

This Doctor Who hoodie is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is navy blue and available in unisex sizes Small – 3XL and will look great on men and women.

On the Tardis hoodie you can expect the famous blue police box and from the Tardis you can see rainbow stripes moving to the edge of the hoodie while also have Doctor Who printed below it.

A Doctor Who hoodie like this is great as it will keep you warm while telling everyone you like the Tardis from Doctor Who.

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buy Tardis Pop Up Card

Tardis Pop Up Card

Now there is this Tardis Pop Up Card that is amazing and perfect to send to a Doctor Who fan.

This is not just any greeting card, this is 3D. The card is flat and says Tardis on the front but when you open it the Tardis shows up as it pops up in 3D.

This Doctor Who card is great for sending to a Doctor Who fan, you can send if for almost any occasion as it is blank inside you can write almost anything in it.

This is the perfect card for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and more.

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